NN Editorial December 2023

First they came for the continuous cruisers Editor John Sadler on the inequity of CRT’s current funding model “Every movement that seeks to enslave a community needs a minority group to use as a scapegoat, which it can blame for its distress and use as a justification of its own dictatorial powers. ” Although in […]


Membership transfer update 25 January

This is now complete with all the membership in place in the new system. Individual emails are have gone to all members. If you have not received two emails, please get in touch. All the ‘date joined’ NABO are now updated. Transferred members are successfully signing in and amending their records and passwords. Members are […]


Web site transfer

We have now transfered the new web site platfom to our normal web domain and that is what you are seeing now. We now have a few days of consolidation to check that things are working and populate many of the resource areas. Existing members cannot sign in as their credentials are not valid. Please […]

Guide for Electrical Safety for Small Craft.

The IET has announced the release of the “On-Board Guide for Electrical Safety for Small Craft”, which was initiated by NABO and the production undertaken in consultation with representatives from many boating and related organisations. Small craft have an ever-increasing amount of electrical equipment, systems, and associated power requirements. As a result, significantly more risks […]