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The National Association of Boat Owners is dedicated to promoting the interests of private boaters on Britain's canals and rivers and lakes. Volunteer members work with Navigation Authorities and public bodies so that boater's voices and views can be heard when decisions and being made. This can only take place if boaters are infomed, engaged and have the time to formulate policy and consider views. NABO has over 20 years experience and a stong track record of achiement.


NABO Bulletins

NABO publishes a monthly bulletin exclusively for members.

This covers current activities of Officers and members, any internal administration issues

It also enables Council to quickly gather views of the membership.

You can read the bulletin archive here.



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Current issues for NABO Council

* Taking legal advice on recommendations to members following CRT's rejection of some of NABO's objections to recently introduced private boater's licence Terms and conditions.
* Challenging EA on proposals relating to safety issues on the Thames and monitoring other cost saving issues
* Close monitoring of changes and consequences of new  continuous cruising requirements.
* Participation in changes to Boat Safety Scheme requirements for hire boats with special concern if any of  these are extended to private boats.
* Monitoring of the operation of the boating ombudsman scheme.
* Given the outstanding success of NABO's social media presence, review membership offerings to include electronic-only opportunity.
* Development of policy towards possible CRT takeover of EA navigational responsibilities.
* Ensuring close collaboration with other similarly-minded National bodies including RBOA, CBOA, RCTA.



NABO News cover

NABO News is the association’s 32-page full-colour magazine that provides up to date information on the waterways, as well as a forum for NABO members to give voice to issues that concern them. There are six issues per year and each contains regular features on boating news and views. Members are welcome to submit articles and letters. Back copies can be downloaded here. The latest edition is only available for members.

Roving Canal Traders

There are many traders on the canals selling a diverse range of products from Coal and Diesel, Painted Canal Ware, Crafts, Art, Food and Drink, Jewelry, Herbs, Fenders, Souvenirs, and much more. Come and see what we can supply for you. RTCA hold events around the system during the year. Details can be found on the NABO calanderor ar

Boater safety

Safety is an important issue for us all. NABO members hold postions on all the Boat Safety Scheme committees and the CRT Navigation Advisor Committee. 

Read the lastest articles here

NABO responses to consultations

NABO prepares formal responses to the consulations to many public bodies and in particular, the main Navigation Authorities.

You can read the archive here 

NABO on Facebook

NABO has an active Facebook community with more than 600 friends. There are a variety of threads on news, events and topics of boating interest. You need a Facebook acount to apply to join, and then you can click on the link above.