Guide for Electrical Safety for Small Craft.

The IET has announced the release of the “On-Board Guide for Electrical Safety for Small Craft”, which was initiated by NABO and the production undertaken in consultation with representatives from many boating and related organisations. Small craft have an ever-increasing amount of electrical equipment, systems, and associated power requirements. As a result, significantly more risks […]

Zero emissions for new boats?

Under the UK clean air strategy, the government has mandated that boats ordered from 2025 must use zero-emission technologies. This and many other changes are part of the UK climate change commitments to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Your answers to this questionnaire will allow us better understanding of the opportunities and challenges […]

The debate over the eco-toilet rolls on

– says enthusiast Helen Hutt. Let me firstly declare, I’m a fan of eco-toilets. As a continuous cruiser, I bought one in 2009. Every two months or so, I emptied my poo pot into a 10-litre paint tub with a tight-fitting lid until I could dispose of the contents, using a network of amenable farmers’ […]