CRT response on new Privacy terms

CRT changed their privacy documents in late 2023. You can see them here: We have asked under FOI for an explanation of the basis for the change and they have provided this statement: • The current privacy document changed name from “privacy policy” to “privacy notice” to ensure consistency with ICO terminology, to be […]

NABO writes to CRT on licence costs

In October CRT annouced their intention to increase licence costs by an unprecidented 5% above inflation. They have also decided to apply increasing levels of surcharge to wide beam boats and continuous cruisers. NABO Has witten to Richard Parry to make our views knows, and we have a reply. The text is proved below. We […]

The Westminster Canal

On Tuesday 22 November, the future of the UK’s canals and waterways, with a particular focus on the 2,000 miles cared for and looked after by the Canal & River Trust charity, was debated in the House of Commons. Michael Fabricant, MP for Lichfield and chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Waterways, initiated […]