NABO News on line

NABO News back copies are available to read by non members. See this link for the library here The latest colour edition of NABO News is only available online to NABO members who have registered on the website. Members can log in and then open the pdf file on the Members/NABO News latest edition. That gives NABO members advance access […]

CRT National Boat Count 2024

The Canal & River Trust’s National Boat Count, conducted in the spring each year, has seen a 1.4% drop in boat numbers on its network across England and Wales. It also saw a 1.2% increase in unlicensed boats, meaning licence compliance now stands at 91.8%.   Nationally, 32,602 boats were recorded on the Trust’s enforceable […]

CRT response on new Privacy terms

CRT changed their privacy documents in late 2023. You can see them here: We have asked under FOI for an explanation of the basis for the change and they have provided this statement: • The current privacy document changed name from “privacy policy” to “privacy notice” to ensure consistency with ICO terminology, to be […]

NABO News 2024

NABO News – Issue 6 of 2024:   NABO News – Issue 5 of 2024:   NABO News – Issue 4 of 2024:   NABO News – Issue 3 of 2024: 4 Editorial 5 In the Chair 6 In the Vice-Chair 7 Fly on the Wall 8 NABO News: Welfare Officer’s Report, Disabled Boaters’ Forum […]


Membership transfer update 25 January

This is now complete with all the membership in place in the new system. Individual emails are have gone to all members. If you have not received two emails, please get in touch. All the ‘date joined’ NABO are now updated. Transferred members are successfully signing in and amending their records and passwords. Members are […]


Web site transfer

We have now transfered the new web site platfom to our normal web domain and that is what you are seeing now. We now have a few days of consolidation to check that things are working and populate many of the resource areas. Existing members cannot sign in as their credentials are not valid. Please […]