Report of NINF’s February Meeting

The National Inland Navigation Forum, NINF, met at the St Pancras Cruising Club on Saturday 10th February 2018. 8 of its member bodies were represented, together with the General Secretary, Michael Stimpson. This Forum continues to be a useful meeting point bringing together navigational bodies involved in CRT, EA and other waterways – especially important at this […]

Farewell to two good friends of NABO

Louis Jankel I am sure you will share my sadness to hear that Louis Jankel passed away on 13th December. I have only known Louis for the past three years, but soon came to realise how very passionate he was about our wonderful Thames and related waterways – not only always willing to challenge EA […]

NABO News 6 2015 Editorial

I’ve been laid up learning how to walk again since September, so I have no personal experiences of what’s been happening recently on the waterways. However, lots of correspondence from NABO members and Council members suggests that the EA should become more of a focus for our association’s attention. The recent court case seems (without […]

Editorial Feb 15

Editorial CRT has spent recent months devising a plan and putting resources in place to deal with continuous moorers – a situation it inherited from BW, which was largely supine in the face of a growing issue for many years. An update on the latest enforcement figures is included, and Mike Rodd gives the details […]