Survey of boat owners’ views

Latest survey of boat owners’ views The survey, carried out in March and April this year, was sent to a third of CRT’s boat licence holders and received 1,163 responses. The headline results show a decline in boaters’ satisfaction:   (%) 2019 (%) 2018 Boaters satisfied with their experience of cruising the waterways 61 70 […]

New boater surveys

New boater surveys   CRT’s annual Boaters’ Survey has been shortened and renamed the ‘Perceptions of the Trust’ survey, which was sent out to a third of the Trust’s leisure boat licence holders at the start of April. It has also introduced a monthly ‘Waterway Experience’ survey of boaters to gather up-to-date feedback on the […]

Loss of facilities

Loss of facilities The boaters’ facilities at Newbold on Avon on the North Oxford canal have closed and all ex-BWML marinas have now stopped offering free facilities to passing boaters. A statement from BWML Sawley Marina read: ‘Since BWML’s affiliation with The Trust is no longer, we aren’t obliged to provide facilities to passing boaters. […]

OA Waterways Condition Survey

Two surveys initiated by the National Association of Boaters (NABO) have concluded that boaters are generally inclined to be positive about the state of inland waterways managed by Agencies other than British Waterways (BW), but feel negative about the canals and rivers run by BW.

Cost of Boating Survey 2009

A big thank you to those of you who completed our Cost of Boating Survey 2009. Clearly not everyone keeps records of how much running a boat costs, or wants to know how true “Bring On Another Thousand” is! Those costs were the “must haves”, so we ended up with 44 very useful sets of […]