NN Editorial December 2023

First they came for the continuous cruisers Editor John Sadler on the inequity of CRT’s current funding model “Every movement that seeks to enslave a community needs a minority group to use as a scapegoat, which it can blame for its distress and use as a justification of its own dictatorial powers. ” Although in […]


NN Editorial October 2023

Editorial I have now finished my summer cruise and am pleased to say back at my home mooring. It’s hard not to sink into a depression, Autumn on its way, lack of funds, increasing structural failures, lack of dredging, looming canal closures…… I started to think about the reasons behind the current canal network demise. […]

August NN Editorial

Editorial As the scent of honeysuckle wafts through an open window and is subsequently overpowered by the inimitable odour of barbecue from a neighbour, I realise summer has indeed arrived. I have received over 50 notices of works and other stoppages in the last week, the presentation of the notices is not great. The headline […]

…it’s hello from me

What a time to take up the challenge of editor! Following an experienced editor of many years, I have a lot to learn, not least hundreds of new acronyms. At first sight there seems to be innumerable committees and guidance groups, each with their own agenda and abbreviations. I have some experience of inland boating […]

So it’s goodbye from me and …..

So it’s goodbye from me and ….. After 12 years Peter Fellows hands on the baton of editorship. Another varied set of articles to end the year, with Helen Hutt describing her trip to the Medway on the 75-year old paddle steamer, Waverley, and my article on the unbelievable attitude of a local council towards […]

A focus on BSS (and our forgotten anniversary!)

A focus on BSS (and our forgotten anniversary!) The extended period of hot, dry weather has continued and, as predicted in the last issue, the more vulnerable canals are now seeing closures due to water shortages – particularly the Peak Forest and Macclesfield canals. Helen Hutt and Mark Tizard both comment on the lack of […]

Editorial May 2022

Editorial Having had virtually unbroken sunshine since the last issue, the waterways have been at their busiest so far this year. But the increased lock usage, coupled with lack of rainfall and reservoir issues, means that it is only a matter of time before we’ll start to see restrictions appearing on some of the more […]

Changes afoot

Editorial Changes afoot Peter Fellows on upcoming proposals for the BSS and main navigation authorities. I, like all NABO Councillors, was shocked to hear from John Devonald that he is seriously ill. He has stepped down from his roles with NABO and we all offer him our best wishes. The future of CRT and the […]