National Inland Navigation Forum (NINF)

NABO is an active member of this informal forum which brings together organisations with navigational interests, with meetings often having invited representatives of waterways authorities. NINF members include AWCC, BM, CBOA, GOBA, RBOA, IWA, TBA and DBA. Meetings ensure regular dialogue between these organisations and especially those concerned with waterways covered by CRT and the […]

Membership Team Issues

Membership Team Issues Most of our members pay by standing order or other electronic means. If you do not, please consider it. It saves on our administration processes, reduces delays, and means less work for the admin team who can then spend more time boating. We send details with your renewal. Most new members these […]

CRT Navigation Advisory Groups

CRT operate a number of important “advisory groups” covering a range of different areas from freight and navigation to volunteering and heritage. These are committees set up to provide a consultation body for CRT discuss proposals, policy and performance. For boaters the “Navigation Advisory Groups” or NAGs are the relevant committee. NAG comprises boaters with […]

Moorings matter

NABO campaigns extensively on mooring strategies. This is a significant issue, and is guaranteed to gather wide views, regardless of boating patterns. Everybody wants a good safe mooring near that pub, shop, car park or remote spot in the country. Towns, villages and canalside venues want visitor moorings so that customers can come and go. […]

Monthly NABO Bulletins

NABO sends out a short electronic bulletin every month to members who provide an email address. This covers a summary of the latest waterways news and consultations, representation events that officers attended, membership information and the like. As far as possible we include links to web sources, and this enables members to be selective about […]

Where does the subscription money go?

If you pay a subscription, you want to know where your hard earned money goes. Roughly half goes into the production and printing of NABO News, the cost of which is also partially offset by a small amount of advertising (currently from Midland Chandlers). NABO News is our largest cost but it is also our […]