CRT Navigation Advisory Groups

CRT operate a number of important “advisory groups” covering a range of different areas from freight and navigation to volunteering and heritage. These are committees set up to provide a consultation body for CRT discuss proposals, policy and performance. For boaters the “Navigation Advisory Groups” or NAGs are the relevant committee.

NAG comprises boaters with a variety of backgrounds to bring as broad a range of perspectives as possible to decision making. These representative are appointed in their own right, and not as orgaisational representatives. Never the less they are expected, where available, to bring the wider knowledge of boating organisations to the meeting.

There are two parts to NAG, and a NABO Council member is appointed to both parts.

Navigation Operations

This covers advice relating to safety standards, waterway operation, maintenance & repairs, and customer service standards. The NABO Council attendee is David Fletcher, former NABO Chairman of the National Association of Boat Owners. This is his fourth year of membership.

Licensing & Mooring

The covers advice relating to boat licensing and moorings policies and the way in which they are implemented.  The NABO Council attendees are Mark Tizard vice chair and Alison Tuck, a former chair of the Roving Canal Traders’ Association and live aboard.

The presence of these boaters in these roles is very important to NABO, and yet another way in which we can influence policy and delivery on waterways. We can best understand what is happening by being at the table(s) when issues are discussed and can apply a strong user / customer view to advice. 

NAG meeting minutes are available on the CRT web site. Go to the site here, and then use the search at the top right. Enter ‘NAG meetings’ and search.