Moorings matter

NABO campaigns extensively on mooring strategies. This is a significant issue, and is guaranteed to gather wide views, regardless of boating patterns. Everybody wants a good safe mooring near that pub, shop, car park or remote spot in the country. Towns, villages and canalside venues want visitor moorings so that customers can come and go. And they also want enough boats to provide a destination venue for non boating visitors. Liveaboards want moorings near to service, amenity and transport links. And nobody wants long lines of boat to pass at tickover. So not an easy issue.

NABO recently overturned most of the SE moorings strategy because it was not evidence based. The restrictions proposed were based on complaints by a few, and these did not stand up to challenge. CRT had failed to record available space on visitor moorings. NABO established that the proposals were unnecessary.

To keep up with all this NABO has a mooring officer Mark, also vice Chairman at the moment and NAG member.

Our general policy is that:

Default all moorings should by be 14 days. Where shorter stay times are planned these changes should follow the ‘visitor mooring national framework document’ and be evidenced based. Where shorter stay times are introduced it should be feasible to moor for 14 days (sufficient depth and access) adjacent to a designated short stay mooring. Where short stay moorings visitor moorings exist these should , unless there are exceptional circumstances revert to 14 days during the winter period. Existing visitor moorings with short stay durations should be reassessed in a regular basis in accordance with the visitor mooring national framework agreement to ensure that the existing stay times are still relevant. NABO believes that CRT should consult both nationally and locally on any proposed changes.

NABO believes that ‘no return’ rules that accompany some visitor moorings are unenforceable and beyond CRTs powers.

NABO does not support the introduction of overstay charges at certain sites and believes these are penalties or fines and as such beyond CRTs powers to enforce. Winter Moorings NABO believes that the provision of bookable winter moorings at a fixed site is a positive amenity.

NABO believes that CRT should work with the boating community and local communities to identify suitable sites that meet the needs of all parties.