CRT response on new Privacy terms

CRT changed their privacy documents in late 2023.

You can see them here:

We have asked under FOI for an explanation of the basis for the change and they have provided this statement:

• The current privacy document changed name from “privacy policy” to “privacy notice” to ensure consistency with ICO terminology, to be more understandable
and to avoid confusion with formal policies.
• The current privacy documents are now less text heavy and more specific, which ensures they are easier to follow than the previous versions.
• Some information has been removed from specific privacy schedule and given its own schedule, e.g. photographs, videos and written and audio stories.
• One large data processing table is now used, meaning there is significantly less text and readers can easily view the type of information, the specific reasons for
processing it, and the lawful basis in one place.
• Similarly, there is one large data sharing table, which sets out how we share personal data in one easily accessible place.
• There are also easily accessible tables with regards to where we obtain information from and other relevant privacy documents, including links.
• Special category / criminal conviction processing is now set out with specific regards to the legislation, whereas previously it was paraphrased.
• There has been a significant change to the Trust’s internal complaint process whereby we can share details of enforcement proceedings with those who
complain, which is now included in the information sharing section.
• The wording and layout in all privacy documents has now been made consistent.

You can see the details here:

We will be reviewing the new documents in due course. If you have any comments do let us know. You can tell CRT too!