CRT National Boat Count 2024

The Canal & River Trust’s National Boat Count, conducted in the spring each year, has seen a 1.4% drop in boat numbers on its network across England and Wales. It also saw a 1.2% increase in unlicensed boats, meaning licence compliance now stands at 91.8%.  

Nationally, 32,602 boats were recorded on the Trust’s enforceable waters, down by 479*. This is the first reduction recorded since the formation of the Trust, with the drop in boat numbers most significant in the London & South East region, where there were 512 fewer boats than last year.

Similarly, the increase in unlicensed boats was most prominent in London & South East, where the caseload and backlog in the legal system has been exacerbated by vacancies in the local team.

Across the network, the total number of boats with a home mooring has decreased by 3.7% while the total number of continuously cruising boats has increased by 4.9%.

You can read the details here: National Boat Count 2024 PR 230524