Web site transfer latest 16 Jan

The new site has proved to be stable and things are working. We have tested the menus and sign in arrangements, and we have signed up our first member on the new system.

The mainĀ  problem is sorting out the external and internal url links. There are quite a number not working. But we have tools to identify them and we will be working through to fix them in due course. They are predominantly historic links to external sites where they have deleted the content, and small pictures and logos on old posts.

The next big step is to transfer the membership record and this will take place in the next week. In the meantime the old system is sending out reminder emails as usual. As the transfer takes place there will be some duplication in emails for those renewing in February or getting reminders from November.

On the data transfer members will receive an email with a new password. There is nothing to do until then.

If members have any change of address for this week, please let us know on admin@nabo.org.uk as we have to do the mail list for NABO News in January.