CRT Council Elections 2023

CRT have now published the list of candidates for the 4 private boater representative vacancies on their Council. The election is open until 10th January 2024, and we encourage you to vote. CRT will have sent an email or a paper letter to the contact details linked to the boat licence.

The voting response has been very low in past years and our first message to you is


There are 23 candidates so you have plenty of choice, and you can see them here:

Among them are two NABO members which of course it would be very good to have elected.

Our second message is to please make your first and second choices as:

Penelope Barber       and          Tony Lacey


These boaters are NABO members, have a range of experience. We are confident that they understand the issues and will do an excellent job in representing boaters.

We know the importance of having boaters at the centre of decision making and we also know the value of an established boater group (such as NABO) to support the successful candidate. NABO Council member and treasurer Helen Hutt is just completing her four year period on CRT Council and is stepping down. Stella Ridgway has previously served on Council.

The election has a complicated transferable vote system. Our best advice is that after selecting about 5 people there’s usually not much point in ranking any more. There’s also an argument that you should only vote for the people you really want, to avoid adding votes to those who might beat them.

If you are so minded, and want to help, just vote for Penelope and Tony. That will be fine.

Thank you