New website platform for NABO

NABO will move its web site to a new platform in January.

For the most part the site will provide the same function of storing the history of our campaigns.

But the membership system sits behind it and this has to be migrated in January.

In early January to the current site will be closed to user input, and members will no longer be able to sign in. Any changes to membership should be sent to

This is so that we can keep track of changes and we have full control of the master records. Reminders will continue from the old site.

The new site will go live in mid January. The old site will move to another location and we will provide this when it is done. It is only there for short term reference.

Then we will commence the membership transfer. This will take place in three stages.

Firstly the membership record will be created with basic details, and the type of membership and dates. Members will receive a system email with user name (unchanged) and a password (new). At this stage members can sign in, but the main data is not uploaded. Members should not try and enter data, as this will be overwritten.

Then the main transfer of contact details will be uploaded. Finally we have to manually update the original NABO joining date.

The new system will start to send out reminder emails immediately, and those members with renewal dated may receive duplicates. When we are satisfied that the new system is working, the old system will be shut down.

We have been working on this for six months now with extensive testing, so we are confident that all will go well.

If there are questions, please email