Setting up a NABO mail account.

This covers setting up a IMAP mail box on the SiteGround internet server. Some @NABO addresses do not have a mail box, and they simply forward mail to the recipients personal email. This is not covered by this note and if this is what is needed, ask the web master. Officers of the Association usually […]

Upload the Latest NABO News

Phase 2 – Upload the Latest Issue to the Members Section You should have previously completed Phase 1 –  Upload the previous NABO News to the Reference section. On your computer, label the latest issue’s pdf of NABO News current.pdf. Delete the pdf file for the previous NABO News issue – current.pdf, by clicking on the […]

Which Section/Category?

This FAQ lists the different Sections of the website, and the sub-sections (Categories) within each Section. The Joomla software requires the articles we produce to be placed in sections and (sub) categories. We have full control over the number and names of these divisions, but the current arrangement is fit for purpose now. These […]