Setting up a NABO mail account.

This covers setting up a IMAP mail box on the SiteGround internet server.

Some @NABO addresses do not have a mail box, and they simply forward mail to the recipients personal email. This is not covered by this note and if this is what is needed, ask the web master.

Officers of the Association usually have a mail account that enables them to receive and send email using the @NABO account, and keep their mail separate from personal mail.

This is set up on the web site by the Webmaster. There is no practical limit to the number of accounts, and there is no extra cost. There is a limit to storage, but this equates to a year’s traffic.  

Once set up mail can be accessed as web mail, or by setting up an account on the email software on the recipients pc and or phones. Because the account is IMAP, the mail is stored on the server, and can be accessed on multiple devices without loosing it. Very useful if you use mobile devices.

The usual access is to set up an account on there own usual email programme on a device, and then make sure that the NABO and personal mail are separate.

Mail can be sent via the nabo server using the nabo smtp system and this works for most mobile devices and isps. Mail sent via the personal isp will usually appear as from the personal address. Some personal accounts can be configured to fix this.

The settings for the Siteground system this are important and shown below.


Email address example:

Password: provided by webmaster

Server name:

Port 993

Connection security:    SSL/TLS

Authentication method: Normal password

Outgoing smtp server:

Server name:

Port 465

Connection security:    SSL/TLS

Authentication method: Normal password

Any problems, ask the webmaster.