Which Section/Category?

This FAQ lists the different Sections of the nabo.org.uk website, and the sub-sections (Categories) within each Section.

The Joomla software requires the articles we produce to be placed in sections and (sub) categories. We have full control over the number and names of these divisions, but the current arrangement is fit for purpose now. These sections and categories for the most part match the menu on the web site. For practical purposes every section and category there is a menu time. Some sections and categories are only visible to members and officers of the association, dependent on the access levels. Not all categories have a menu item, and some items are accessed in another way.

Most but not all of the menu items are linked to categories and can be used to add articles. A few of the menu items are linked to single pages (eg Terms and Conditions) or to the membership system (eg Join Now). These pages cannot be added to, and there is no reason to. The section headings areas are intended to be the menu for the (sub) categories and should not be used for articles.

When adding an item, you must select a (sub) category. If you do nothing it will go into the default section "Issues". It can be changed later as needed but you may stuggle to find it on the system and need help.

The drop down category menu is listed in sequence so that it feels like you are actually looking at the menu. The wording is not identical but equivalent, and intended so that you can think "menu" even though it is actually a "category".

There is a separate FAQ on adding an article.

  1. Issues

    1. NABO News Chairman's column
    2. NABO News editorials
    3. Current Consultations
    4. Other Live Issues
    5. NABO Responses
    6. NABO Reports
    7. Surveys
  2. Reference

    1. Archive
    2. Boater safety
    3. NABO
    4. Press Releases
    5. Bulletins
    6. Calendar
    7. NABO News Back Issues
    8. NABO News Index
    9. Canal and River Trust
    10. EA and others
    11. BW (prior to 2012)
    12. Boat Safety Scheme
    13. Web links
  3. Join Us

    1. Why NABO?
    2. Achievements
    3. Member's Benefits
    4. Types of Membership
    5. Constitution
    6. Join Now
    7. Terms and conditions
    8. NABO privacy policy
  4. Members

    1. Log in and out
    2. Latest NABO News issue
    3. NABO Handbook
    4. NABO Publications
    5. NABO Clothing
  5. Contact Us
  6. FAQs

    1. General
    2. Members
    3. Authors
    4. Moderators