Upload the Latest NABO News

Phase 2 – Upload the Latest Issue to the Members Section

  1. You should have previously completed Phase 1 –  Upload the previous NABO News to the Reference section.
  2. On your computer, label the latest issue’s pdf of NABO News current.pdf.
  3. Delete the pdf file for the previous NABO News issue – current.pdf, by clicking on the button to the right of current.pdf (below)
  4. When asked “You are about to delete file [current.pdf] from the repository. Are you sure you wish to proceed?”, click OK. The previous NABO News Issue will have disappeared, but don’t worry, you moved your copy to the Reference section in Phase 1 – didn’t you?
  5. Click on the Browse button (bottom right) and locate the latest NABO News pdf file on your computer that you named current.pdf earlier
  6. Select (double-click or click and “Open”) the current.pdf file. The file location will appear in the box to the left of the Browse button.
  7. Click on the(Upload a new file) button to the right of the Browse button. The latest edition will now be available in the Members section.
  8. You now need to add the contents list for the new issue to the Index. You do this by clicking on the button for the appropriate year e.g. NABO News 2010, and replacing the “Contents will appear here” with the new contents. So….
  9. Click here to go to the 3rd and final (phew!) Phase – Update NABO News Index, or Select the Reference/NABO News Index option from the Menu later (remembering to Login to be able to use the editor)
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