How do I create an article using only a pdf file?

This FAQ describes step by step how to upload a pdf file and make it an article for the website. Please follow the instructions carefully. This will save you time in the long run.

  1. Decide which part of the website your article is going to be displayed in. You will need to choose a Section and then a Category within that Section. There is another FAQ which lists these. You may need to look around the website to see where it would logically go. This is the time to do it.
  2. If you haven’t already done so, login, using your Username and Password.

  3. In the User Menu, click on the Submit an Article link.

  4. Enter a Short title in the Title box (no more than 30 characters, including spaces). This should not be the same as an existing article, section name or category name.

  5. Creating the article:

    1. Type the first sentence of the article, or something similar to indicate what the pdf file contains. This will appear on the category index page.

    2. Click on the “Read More” button at the bottom of the text box; this will draw a blue line showing where the Read More button will appear.

    3. Click on the Insert a Link icon: 

    4. Choose the “Upload” tab.

    5. Click the “Browse” Button, which will open a File Upload window

    6. Find the (pdf) file on your computer, and select it (Open)

    7. Click on the “Send it to the server” button.

    8. When the “Your file has been successfully uploaded” window appears, click on the “Cancel” button.

    9. When you are asked “Some of the options have been changed. Are you sure to close the dialog?”, Click on the “OK” button

    10. Click on “Cancel”, and you will be returned to the edit area.

    11. Immediately after the blue “Read More” line, type
      inside curly brackets {}, replacing “yourfilename.pdf” with the name of the file you have just uploaded. This tells the website to display a pdf file. It won’t appear until you have published the article.

  6. Publishing the article:

    1. Select the Section you want the article to be displayed in. (if you don’t, it won’t be published!)

    2. Select the Category you want the article to be displayed in. (if you don’t it won’t be published!)

    3. Click on the “Published” button.(if you don’t it won’t be published!)

    4. If you want this to appear on the website Front Page, click on the “Front Page” button. (If this is not checked, it will only appear under the section/category menu links.)

    5. Ignore the Author Alias box.

    6. Start Publishing: Generally, this box should be left unchanged, unless you wish to postpone publishing until a later time or date.

    7. Finish Publishing: This should usually be left as “Never”.

    8. Access Level: This should be left set to “Public” for articles visible to all; if an article is only to be visible to NABO members, select “Registered”; if you wish to publish an article which is only to be visible to other NABO Authors, Editors or Publishers (i.e. Council members), set the Access Level to “Special” – this device can be used to publish an article for Council checking, before it is released to the general public, or the press, for instance.

    9. Metadata (Helps users searching for specific articles)

      1. Add a longer Title in the Description box.

      2. Add a series of key words or phrases, separated by commas, in the Keywords Box.

    10. Go back to the top, by the Title, and click on “Save” to save the article.

  7. Check that the article appears as you want it on the chosen page.

  8. Logout and check again.