NABO News 2016

Nabo News – Issue 6 of 2016:

4 Editorial
5 In the Chair
6 NABO’s new Assistant for the Disabled, CRT statement on the Equality Act
7 The New NABO Council
8 Fly on the wall
9 News: Welfare Officer update
10 Mike Rodd reports on the CRT takeover of EA navigations
11 WaterNav, FakeTV
12 Heritage report.
13 Boating: It’s a dog’s life.
14 Sheep to shore; White Mills Marina
17 Talking Points: What sort of car fleet would you run?
18 The view from CRT
24 A bit of a rollercoaster; Mike Rodd looks back on his time as NABO chairman
29 Urban moorings,
30 Roving Traders: Brian Greaves
31 Letters, I name this boat

Nabo News – Issue 5 of 2016:

4 Editorial
5 Chairman’s column
7 Fly on the Wall
8 Membership News; NABO needs you, ,Our website and security
10 News: (Not) an April Fool’s joke! Do you have canal boat ancestors? Some good news: more money for the ‘Monty’ and the Rochdale reopens, New Kings Cross moorings, The answer to speeding cyclists? Online booking,.
12 Forums: CRT’s National Users Forum, CRT Annual Public Meeting, National Inland Navigation Forum.
14 Around the regions: NE Waterways and South Wales and Severn.
16 Boating: Where there’s smoke, there’s trouble.
19 Historic Pennine crossing
20 This canal is not for cruising.
22 Talking Points: Winter Moorings’
25 Stitchmilitz—The Sewing Boat
28 A glimpse behind the scenes at NAG
29 Letters

Nabo News – Issue 4 of 2016:

4 Editorial
5 Chairman’s column
8 Fly on the Wall
9 News; Membership matters. Boat insurance. Council tax implications for residential moorings. CRT job advert. Obituary:David Blagrove. L&L bicentenary celebrations. Ombudsman’s report. Proposed new mooring restrictions in Oxford. CRT Winter moorings. Winter stoppages. Bridgewater update. I name this boat
14 Regional News from Wales and the North West.
15 Norwood tunnel exploration
16 AGM Nomination form
18 Boating: Walking the Bow Back ‘Line’.
20 Fishing from your boat
21 Airbnb
22 Talking Points: CRT Annual report
25 Members’ benefits.
26 NABO priorities for the coming year
28 Roving traders
29 Letters

Nabo News – Issue 3 of 2016:

4 Editorial
5 Chairman’s column
8 Fly on the Wall
9 Members News: Boat insurance. Call for new blood.
10 Regional News
11 RCR training
12 CRT communications, Warwick update, Obituary: Max Sinclair.
14 Boating: Boater’s holiday in Scotland.
17 New hull blacking, Bridgewater Canal reciprocal agreement.
18 Roving traders: The Herb Boat
20 Talking Points: CRT enforcement strategy.
23 K&A film
24 SE mooring consultation results
28 Another London mooring consultation
30 When is a vessel not a boat?
31 Letters

Nabo News – Issue 2 of 2016:

5 Chairman’s column
8 Fly on the Wall
9 News: CRT Council reports
10 Membership issues
11 Safety recalls, Timetable for reopening the Rochdale and Calder & Hebble.
12 Update licences for boaters without a home mooring.
13 Italian adventure for Rose of Hungerford, Thames waterway plan
14 Eastern consultations:   1) Middle level 2) Cambridge moorings.
16 Mersey Gateway project.
17 Talking Points: A funny smell in Birmingham.
20 Boating: Roving Traders
22 Oi! Slow Down!
24 Complaints, all I hear is complaints..!
27 Goodbye to Tony, Crossword answers, I name this boat

Nabo News – Issue 1 of 2016:

4 Editorial
5 Chairman’s column
8 Fly on the Wall
9 Stella wins a seat on the CRT council
10 News: Winter floods. The Floater. Liverpool link.
12 The winter floods
13 Waterways Ombudsman’s report, EA changes it s mind
14 Boating: Adventures of a continuous cruiser.
15 ‘Clearing’ the K&A
17 Talking Points: CRT powers to remove vessels
21 Rewind 15 years
22 Crossword, I Name this boat
23 Letters