NABO News 2012


Nabo News – Issue 6 of 2012:


5 Editorial

6 Chairman’s column


7 NABO AGM, Licence fees, Breaches latest, That sinking feeling?, CRT and CCs, EU proposal on licences and red diesel, Mobile phone reception

12 Bottom too near the top?

15 Waterways Ombudsman, Canal Laureate

16 Crossword

17 Snippets from past NABO News—1997


18 Dawdling down to Droitwich

Talking points

24 K&A mooring strategy

28 Floating

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Nabo News – Issue 5 of 2012:


5 Editorial

6 Chairman’s column


7 CRT volunteers, friends and weevils

8 BSS changes

9 Bridging the Gap

10 CRT Navigation Advisory Group

11 Thames update and newsletter

12 Boater’s survey results

14 Olympic boat legacy

15 Crossword, I name this boat

16 NABO Council election forms

18 Snippets from NABO News—1996

Talking points

20 CRT Executive pay

22 NABO questions and CRT replies

28 Readers’ Letters

Nabo News – Issue 4 of 2012:

  4 Editorial
  5 Chairman’s column
  7 Recycling developments
  8 Diesel bug and tank treatment
  9 Update from CRT Trustees
11 Red Wheel plaques
12 BW boat movement data
14 Boaters fined
16 The Jubilee Pageant in pictures
18 BW transfer order in the commons
19 Crossword
20 Snippets from past NABO News 1995
Talking points
22 Boating on a budget
24 BW houseboat consultation
26 Thames pageant
28 No biomass for Drax
31 Letters

Nabo News – Issue 3 of 2012:

  4 Editorial
  5 Chairman’s column
  7 Drought, What drought?
  9 News:
      Battery failures
      New Waterways Magazine
      Events in June
10 Boating and mooring in London during the Olympics
11CRT News:
      CRT Council election
      Update on launch
      CRT charity framework
      CRT heritage committee
      New CRT Trustees

15 Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant boats
16 Local Waterway Partnerships
17 News:
      Licence evasion down
      Campaign against Oxford inspectors
18 Snippets from past NABO News—1994
20 Crossword
   Talking points:
21 Tail bridges
22 Facebook article by Steve Haywood
24 50 years in the life of the River Trent
31 Letters

Nabo News – Issue 2 of 2012:

  4 Editorial
  5 Chairman’s column
  6 News: Thames lock keepers, Isis lock, mooring in Oxford, LILO gathering, NABO cost of boating survey, Dredging the Cromford, I name this boat
  8 NABO position on continuous cruising and mooring
12 Low pounds this year?
14 Fire kills!
15 News: Boat business licences, BW boat owners’ survey, More Waterway Partnership Chairs, BW transfer order, Changes to red diesel, APCO boat survey
18 Good news from the Pocklington
20 Nigel Moore vs BW
20 River Nene upgrade
21 Wiltshire voices
22 Iron trunk aqueduct
23 Crossword
24 Snippets from past NABO News—1993
Talking points:
26 BW mooring permit price review
27 The end of IWAC?
28 Corn to Kellogg’s
30 Letters to the editor

Nabo News – Issue 1 of 2012:

  4 Editorial
  5 Chairman’s column
  8 NABO and TBA support Stephen Peters for CRT Council
11 BW licence increase, New partnership chair, New mailbox service, Discovering Britain
12 NABO in the 21st century, News update
13 Help for historic narrowboat
14 Parliamentary Waterways Group report
16 I name that boat, other news
17 Crossword
Talking points:
18 CRT? What’s it all about
19 K&A Steering Group latest
20 Snippets from past NABO News
22 Government response to CRT consultation
24 Water shortages in 2012?
25 Letters to the editor