Yours to Enjoy Anytime?

British Waterways is this week launching a campaign to inspire more people to discover the varied delights of Staffordshire’s canals and rivers.

The ‘Yours to Enjoy Anytime’ campaign aims to highlight the many ways in which people of all ages can enjoy the beautiful canals and rivers on their doorstep as the warmer weather approaches. 

Their Press Release says:
"Those who may be staying put this year have even more opportunity to discover the peaceful tranquillity just a stone’s throw away. A hearty early morning jog along the towpath or a quiet family lunch by the waterside will bring a pleasant change of scenery to the daily routine and give a natural holiday ‘glow’, without the price tag." Waterway Manager Darren Green said: "Our canals and rivers provide a fantastic free resource for anyone looking for a summer escape, whatever their interests." (our italics)

Billboard posters for the campaign will be appearing across Stoke-on-Trent this week and will be accompanied by leaflets hitting doormats in the next few weeks.

It might be interesting to know how much this publicity cost. How many repairs could it have funded? Let NABO know if you think this is, or is not, good use of BW’s limited resources.