Waterways Wanderers – guarded response from NABO!

Details have been published of the new arrangements which open up new stretches for fishing not previously let on BW Canals. A couple of the guidelines do not sit well with NABO

who are starting a dialogue with BW for clarification.

A full copy of the Scheme and the Canals affected are attached here.

The guidelines make it clear where people can fish from – for example, not within 25 metres of a lock approach, swing bridge or water point, or between boats on permanent towing path moorings or at visitor moorings where so signed. The contentious point is that BW indicate that a fisherman can fish on visitor moorings where there is no sign prohibiting them but with boaters having priority during the "boating season"; at other times access will be on a first come first served basis.

Our point is that, quite apart from a potential for personal conflict with our angling friends, the term "boating season" contradicts the terms of a 12-month licence and is anathema to our continuous cruising members, who require visitor moorings at all times. Turning up at a mooring during the colder, wetter part of the year and then having to debate with a fisherman about who has first rights is not a nice prospect.

We shall be pressing for a change to give all boaters priority on visitor "moorings" at all times!

In addition we will be pressing for a clearer definition of 25 metres – we beleive this should be of a lock, swing bridge or water point "landing" – not just the structure itself.


Any further comments from Members would be most welcome.