Probable launch of Canal & River Trust (CRT) in July

The trustees of the Canal & River Trust have today (29 May) published their latest progress report pulling together the recent news and developments on the road to establishing the Trust.

 You can read the (pdf format) update here.

Selected issues highlighted include:

  • Possible launch date 12th July 2012
  • "Something" in September once the Jubilee celebrations, Olympics and summer holidays are over
  • Confirmation in early April of the Trust’s registration (No. 1146792) as a charity.
  • A KPMG report which includes the statement, “The level of waterway spend will increase from 82% to approximately 94% of the steady state requirements".
  • The Trust will hold its first annual public meeting on the afternoon of 27th September 2012
  • Chairs of three of the new advisory groups appointed
  • The Trust will have a Waterways Ombudsman Scheme, with Hilary Bainbridge, remaining in office pending the appointment of her successor.
  • During June, around 100 volunteers will be putting up vinyls on existing signs at 40 busy sites for us with new logos, contact details etc
  • Minutes of the Trustee Meetings, the Trust’s Articles of Association and Charity Registration are available on
  • The Trustees are fully supportive of management's actions in respect of the handrails to the Staffs & Worcs tail bridges
  • On water resources: there is now a very good chance that the vast majority of the network will be fully open throughout our first summer of operation
  • A Canal & River Trust branded boat will be part of a 40 strong flotilla organised by BW and the St. Pancras Cruising Club in the Queen’s Jubilee Pageant