NABO pleased with changes to EA’s proposals on boat registration charges

The Environment Agency has today published its final decisions on boat registration charges on its waterways for the next 3 years: These have resulted from the 8 week consultation launched in July relating to its initial proposals.

Following feedback from boater representative organisations (including NABO) and individual boaters regarding the changes which included a proposed increase of 6% in year 1, 4% in year 2 and 0% in year 3, the new charging scheme will now see increases of 4% in 2022; 4% in 2023; and 2% in 2024.

Also, the proposals included a new charging mechanism for boats based on the area of a boat across all their waterways, but it says it has listened to its customers and will now continue with the current charging mechanisms for each waterway.

The EA has also advised its NNUF (National Navigation User Forum), attended by NABO on the 1st of December, that it will set up user-based advisory groups to work with its staff on various aspects of its operations.

Boat registration renewal notices will be sent out to customers using the Environment Agency’s Thames waterway from next week, with those registered on the Medway and Anglian waterways following early next year.

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Mike Rodd