NABO Officers elected for 2012

NABO officers were elected for 2012 at the first Council meeting held on 26 November 2011.

The election of Council members took place at the AGM held on 12th November. NABO Officers are elected by Council members as soon as possible after the AGM. This year, this took place at the first Council meeting on 26th November.

David Fletcher was nominated as Chairman by Richard Carpenter, seconded by John Slee.

Simon Robbins was nominated for Vice Chairman by David Fletcher, and seconded by Stephen Peters.

Stephen Peters was nominated for re election as Hon Treasurer by Andy Colyer and seconded by Simon Robbins.

Richard Carpenter was nominated for re Election as Hon Secretary by John Slee and seconded by Peter Fellows.

There being no other nominations all were elected unanimously.

Other roles remained unchanged as Geoffrey Rogerson as Legal Affairs, John Slee as Continuous Cruising representative and Webmaster, and Peter Fellows as Editor of NABO News.

All other local and technical representative positions remain the same.