Boater has lucky escape from boat fire

A boater had a lucky escape in the last few days. NABO understands that the fire originated at night from a pyrolysis fire of wood in the cabin lining adjacent to a solid fuel stove. The boater apparently did not have a functioning smoke alarm, and was lucky to escape the smoke filled boat.

The BSS have issued a press release to remind boaters of the importance of having a functioning smoke alarm. You can read it here.

Other information from the BSS on fire risks in boats is available here.

While for any one person, a fire is probably a rare event, on inland waterways this year every week around one fire or ‘near-fire incident’ has been recorded.

Most are minor and people are unharmed, but all fires have the potential to become more serious events. Early detection by smoke alarms gives you the chance to react and escape.

Smoke alarms save lives.