NABO News 2017

Nabo News – Issue 6 of 2017:


4 Editorial
5 In the Chair
6 Fly on the wall
10 Around the Regions; North East and West Midlands
12 News: Increased registration and licence fees. Cut in CRT’s winter works spend. CRT restructuring. Changes to
RCD. Towpath time-trials by cyclists.
15 Thames mooring not in the Thames.
16 Report: Air pollution from moored boats.
23 User Groups: EA’s User’s Forum.
24 Boating: Let’s hear it for Bugsworth.
27 Talking points: Can you hear me?
30 Letters

Nabo News – Issue 5 of 2017:

4 Editorial
5 In the Chair
6 Fly on the wall
7 News: Winter moorings, Incident reporting, A boater to the rescue,
Daventry Arm update
10 A touch of Frost
11 Around the regions: North East waterways, Welsh waterways
12 Talking Points: Bike watch, Darwin award nomination
14 Boating: Stairway to the stars
16 AGM Nomination Form
18 Techies corner: Solar solutions
24 More Talking Points: Update on licensing consultation.
28 Boaters’ views on licence discounts.
30 Letters, I name this boat


Nabo News – Issue 4 of 2017:

4 Editorial
5 In the Chair
6 Fly on the wall
7 Membership Matters
8 Around the regions: North east waterways, Welsh waterways, West Midlands
10 News: Shroppie fishing matches, Falkirk Wheel, Long-term moorings enforcement
12 New rental licence, Canoeing on the Llangollen, Slowing cyclists, New route along Bow Back Rivers
14 Boating: Buswoman’s holiday
17 CRT News: Boater survey results, Licence evasion
18 Techie corner: Care with combustibles
22 Talking Points: Canoes in locks and tunnels
26 Friends Reunited
27 Letters, I name this boat

Nabo News – Issue 3 of 2017:

4 Editorial
5 In the Chair
6 Fly on the wall
7 Membership news Around the regions: North East.
8 News: Sparks fly at Crofton, Licensing consultation workshops
9 Continuous cruising and car insurance.
10 New BSS requirements for shared boats
12 Improvements to London canals, Reservoir levels, Lancaster guide book
13 First Shire engine, GU Locks
14 Boats and air quality, EA wins appeal
15 Summer entertainment
16 NABO window stickers
18 Boating: The boat that decided to leak!
20 Talking Points: Licensing consultation update
22 Preparing NABO News 20 years ago
26 Letters
27 I name this boat

Nabo News – Issue 2 of 2017:

5 In the Chair
8 News: Boat licensing review, Transfer of EA waterways, Consultation on red diesel, Pennine explorer cruise, NINF AGM. CRT mooring prices, Floating markets. HS2 consultation. Paddington Basin developments, CRT contracts,
Mersey Link update.
12 Boating: Earth leakage on boats.
13 A stitch in time.
14 Lending a hand.
16 Another boating world.
21 Talking Points: Where do London’s boats come from?
22 A third canal age?
26 The Narrowboat Sessions.
27 Leeds and Liverpool lock safety.
28 Rotate: Threats to boating on the Falkirk Wheel
30 Letters. I name this boat

Nabo News – Issue 1 of 2017:

4 Editorial
5 In the Chair
7 Fly on the Wall
9 Farewell to old friends
10 News: Narrow escape, More Bridgewater blues, Bad news for the Basingstoke, Threat to Anglian Waterways, Oxford drops PSPO.
12 BCN summer cruise,
13 EA’s user forum,
14 Survey of London boaters.
15 What can NABO do for me?
19 Boating: Saturn Update
20 Licence to thrill.
21 Sean Williams: Why is his job needed?
22 BSS: Boat incidents in 2016
24 Talking Points: : ‘Peer-to-peer’ boat
licence for boat rentals
26 A narrow Edgbaston tunnel?
28 Roving traders: Four Counties Fuels
30 Letters, I Name this Boat