What do I do about workflows?

It says 1 user(s) under workflows – should I do something?

Yes please!

This means that one (or more) members have applied to join our online community, with access to the Members Only area. Their email address will already have been checked.


Click on “1 User(s)”. This will load the Moderator User Approval/Rejection page listing the applicants.

For each one:

Check your email Inbox. You should have had an email, containing the members name and membership number, together with their email address and chosen Username.

Check against the NABO Members database that the Membership Number is correct.

If it isn’t correct, (maybe they entered 0) you have two options. FIrst you need to click on their name on the Approval/Rejection web page, which will display the member’s profile. Then:

  1. If their email address tallies with their name and is on the Members database, you can  use the Edit / Update User Profile option to correct their membership number and continue to approve their application.
  2. You can use the Messages / Send Email option to email them and ask them to verify who they are with say their current address. In this case you should wait until you have received a reply before approving their application.

          Now use your Browser’s Back button to return to the Moderator User Approval/Rejection page.

On the Moderator User Approval/Rejection page listing the applicants, you have two choices:

  1. Approve – just click on the Approve button. If there are more than one applicant, only click Approve with the relevant tick-box(es) checked.
  2. Reject. Before you do so, you might like to enter your reason for rejecting him or her in the Reject Comment box. Then click on the Reject button.

Thank you. The member(s) you have approved will receive an email saying their registration has been accepted.