Huddlesford to Polesworth

Monday 20th September 2010 Day 9

Weather – breezy but sunny intervals – and clear by evening.


A rest day on Sunday spent with my darling wife who had driven down from the North West which included a nice morning in Lichfield. She insisted on a clean up and hoovering of Elysium and changed sheets etc – her little bit of help.


My father in law insisted that I did not return home for the funeral of his brother, Gail’s uncle, today saying it would not be right to disrupt the Challenge and so promptly at 9 the kayakers arrived with the new arrival of Wills father, Paul – henceforth known as Gambo as I think he’s the image of Paul Gambacini of Radio 2!


Again a big thankyou for a warm welcome and two day use of the facilities at Lichfield Cruising Club – what a nice little set up. Thankyou Chairman Mike McDonald and Moorings Officer Carl!


I was joined by Lita for the day, somehow she saw the trip as a reward for putting everyone up at her home in Lichfield for four nights – bless! As with all guests on Elysium, she had to be instructed on how to turn the gas on and where the tea bags were! She passed the day with flying colours and even managed to master the two locks on todays journey down through Tamworth to Polesworth.


12 miles exactly – how do I know? My new Navvygater software was working in the new roof top box my good friend David has made for me ( delivered by Gail). The box houses and protects the laptop in good vision from the tiller and means I have loads of information available especially my speed, distance travelled and continually refreshing information regarding bridges, landmarks, water points, winding holes and locks. The speed thing was a revelation as it was so easy to cruise too fast in the past and now its accurate and helpful when passing moored boats too. It was great fun watching this and switching to the NABO web site to see the map on there being updated ever eight minutes or so. Boys and their toys eh?


The kayakers had reached our finish point today the Bulls Head at Polesworth nearly an hour before us and were just waiting for me to join them in a photograph following an interview by the local Tamworth News Editor. Suitable poses were provided and for the last time they all headed off to Litas – and provided me with a chance to was Elysium and do some work that was through by E mail. Some 40 minutes later Justin arrived back with his cool box to take his overnight feed from the fridge ( he’d forgotten!). He is so laid back and mellow about his condition but also a bit scary – as had he not had it he would suffer quite seriously!


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