Armitage to Huddlesford

Saturday 18th September 2010  Day 8

Weather – dry, breezy with sunny intervals

Short one today – managed to get a good brisk walk in this morning but had a call at 7.10am while I was out

from the BUPA guy who was delivering Justin’s next two days of feed. He was an hour early and had done a night shift Derby to London to me and back home!


The team arrived at 9.15 and we were all away by 9.30 for the shortest day so far – less than ten miles down to Huddlesford where we hoped to spend the weekend. I had planned a shorter day to allow Mitch to be able to paddle on his last day before returning to Australia were he was off on another jaunt on Tuesday via London. This was also Wills last day before going back to Hull University. My messages to the Lichfield Cruising Club had got through and they kindly have allowed us to moor out side their club house, hide the kayaks away and let us use facilities. Thanks Carl and the Committee!


Journey for me was steady on Elysium, quite a lot of movement on the cut so slow down through the locks to Fradely Junction. But again lots of tea provision from mm on her last day with us as well.


This meant some toasting and goodbyes to complete our first 8 days.

  Mitch, Stevo, Justin and Will enjoy a drop of St Bundaberg Australian Rum as they bid their farewells and

  yes Mitch had those shorts on, without shoes, pretty much all week!


Rest Day on Sunday with all of them at Litas and a quite day with my ever supportive missus who drove down from the North West to generally tidy and replace sheets clothes etc. Bit sad as now its going to be at least a couple of weeks before we might pass each other again.