Harbour Revision Order PLA

Tidal Thames/Port of London Authority – Harbour Revision Order

Council is considering whether and if so how we should respond

to the current Port of London Authority consultation on a new Harbour Revision Order. We have had no direct queries from members on this so far but other boaters have raised some concerns about the detailed implications for private boaters moored on the PLA. Details of the consultation are available on the PLA website.

Although the consultation may have ended by the time you receive NABO News, we are also in contact with colleagues from the Barge Association who have a much more active representation structure on the PLA and will offer whatever support we can to the Barge Association in this matter. Any members who wish to raise matters through Council should contact Simon Robbins who will be coordinating our work on this, both as Council Member for Moorings Matters and as London Regional Rep.