BW Public consultation on Winter Stoppages Planning 2010/11


This year, for the first time, BW is encouraging more active involvement of waterway users in planning the timetable of works.

They are inviting you to review the provisional plans prepared by their local works planners and to help them spot opportunities for better coordination to minimise disruption.

There are two phases of consultation. The first was from late April until the end of May; the second will be for about three weeks starting at the end of June. Between these periods, their works planners will review user comments and make adjustments “where it’s sensible and practical to do so”. They will also, during this period, have been working with the external contractors to pin down the stoppage periods more precisely than was reflected in the first provisional plan.
The final version of the plan will be published in mid August and BW will also publish a digest of comments received and our response to them. At this point, the required stoppages and restrictions will be transferred to the live stoppage system.
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