Environment Agency offer £10 Thames transit licence

NABO has learned that the Environment Agency are to offer a £10 transit licence in response to customer requests

for a transit charge for boaters wishing to move back and forth between the Grand Union and the River Wey.


This transit licence will cost £10 for a single one way trip, irrespective of boat type or size.

The licence allows the boater passage through the three locks between the Tideway and Weybridge namely Teddington, Molesey and Sunbury. The licences are available on demand. Payment may be made at any of these locks by credit card or with cash. The licence requires the boater to remove themselves from the Thames within 24 hours of issue.

These licences will be available from 24 April to 30 September 2010 and, if it proves sucessful, the process will be continued.

Boats more than 21.8 metres long and/or 3.9 metre beam are not eligible, due to River Wey lock restrictions.