Disabled boaters forum report – information about services

We see the minutes of the forum meeting held on Wednesday 22nd December. These include the first update we have seen on the recent facilities consultation.

This says:

Based on these results, we are proposing to include water, waste and recycling, Elsan and
pump-out in the minimum provision. There will be a maximum 5-hour cruising time between
water and Elsan points, and 10 hours between pump-outs (with more provision in very busy
areas). We are proposing that showers, washing machines and tumble dryers do not form part
of the minimum provision. However, we do not plan to close them immediately. Where
possible, we hope that other local providers (mooring providers, clubs) will take over the
running and maintenance of these facilities.

Although most boats have toilets on board, the consultation shows that boaters are keen for
the Trust to continue to provide toilets. However, they are expensive to maintain and many are
vulnerable to vandalism. We will maintain toilets in visitor destinations and where they are
used by staff and volunteers, who will be able to open them to boaters on request, but they
will not be public toilets for everyone to use all the time. MS welcomes the Forum’s comments
and ideas in relation to toilets in particular, as more work is needed on this aspect of the
minimum standard and it may affect disabled boaters in particular.

The details are here