Calor gas withdraw popular small sizes




Calor has announced that from 1st February 2023, the Cube, 3.9kg Propane, 4.5kg Butane, 6Lite Propane and 12kg Butane will be discontinued. This means that boaters won’t be able to buy new cylinders or exchange existing cylinders of these sizes for a refill.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise because these small sizes have been virtually unobtainable for years. Roumers started last year, but Calor staff are alleged to have been denying this right up to January’s announcement.

The commonly used bottles for boaters and camper vans are the 3.9kg propane and the 4.5kg butane, same cylinder size. Many gas lockers are designed around these long standing sizes, and alternatives are a bit of a compromise, if not impossible. We understand that the number of boats and vans affected is numbered in the tens of thousands.

The Calor suggestion is to change for the 6kg propane or 7kg butane. But these are taller and will not always fit into the gas locker. Calor say If you’re unable to increase your storage facilities, an alternative could be found through Campingaz (907 = 2.72kg).  Of course this butane and not a substitute for the propane cylinder, and it is expensive, And of course the marinas are not allowed to stock this under their exclusive dealer agreement. so not available at the waterside. It is anybody’s guess if Campinggaz are ready for this transfer.

There are other suppliers and Flogas is the obvious choice. Their bottles are a slightly different size, so check first here:

There are also refillable bottles available and if you are high volume user and have transport , this makes sense, see here :

Calor and Flogas bottles are not user refillable, whatever nonsense you may read elsewhere.

NABO wrote to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission last year complaining about Calor’s behavior. We shall have to consider whether we do so again.

NABO cannot recommend Calor as a supplier of bottled gas.