…it’s hello from me

What a time to take up the challenge of editor! Following an experienced editor of many years, I have a lot to learn, not least hundreds of new acronyms. At first sight there seems to be innumerable committees and guidance groups, each with their own agenda and abbreviations. I have some experience of inland boating […]

Disabled boaters forum report – information about services

We see the minutes of the forum meeting held on Wednesday 22nd December. These include the first update we have seen on the recent facilities consultation. This says: Based on these results, we are proposing to include water, waste and recycling, Elsan andpump-out in the minimum provision. There will be a maximum 5-hour cruising time […]

Wales and the South West

Wales and the South West On 20th October, I attended the CRT Wales User Forum, with six other users and three CRT folk, but unfortunately the Regional Director, Mark Evans, was down with another dose of Covid! Most of the meeting was taken up with long presentations about all the wonderful things CRT and others […]

Welfare report

Welfare report Ken Hylins summarises his work for NABO over the last year. This year has been a busy one for me: I have been contacted for help on several occasions, be it for advice or to actually get involved to resolve boaters’ issues and concerns. There has been a common theme to all of […]

So it’s goodbye from me and …..

So it’s goodbye from me and ….. After 12 years Peter Fellows hands on the baton of editorship. Another varied set of articles to end the year, with Helen Hutt describing her trip to the Medway on the 75-year old paddle steamer, Waverley, and my article on the unbelievable attitude of a local council towards […]

Meeting of the APPGW

Meeting of the APPGW Anne Husar listened in to a presentation to MPs from Richard Parry. A few observations of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Waterways’ meeting in October: there were no MPs taking part in the Zoom meeting, apart from the Chair, Michael Fabricant. One participant, Sir Robert Atkins, therefore regarded the whole […]

More problems due to HS2

More problems due to HS2 The HS2 (Crewe – Manchester) Bill for Phase 2b West received a second House of Commons reading in June and was referred to an HS2 Select Committee to hear petitions from those directly and specially affected. The Bill affects the Middlewich Branch and the Trent & Mersey canal. The plans […]