AGM – Council Nominees Annouced

All existing Council Members are standing for the forthcoming year at this Years AGM to be held at Wolverhampton on 20th November. Present Chairman, David Fletcher said " I am very encouraged that

all of present Council will be standing again – I haven't scared them away! Seriously though, this coming couple of years will be very important for the future of the Inland Waterways and our voice representing the thousands of boat owners needs to be heard – loudly!



No new nominees have come forward by the deadline and so we have (in alphabetical order) Howard Anguish, Sue Burchett, Richard Carpenter, Andy Colyer, David Fletcher, Stephen Peters, Simon Robbins, Geoffrey Rogerson and John Slee all standing for re-election.


David Fletcher said " I am happy to offer my time and experience to NABO in whatever post the new team might wish. Having completed two years as Chairman, I am happy to be considered for a third and final year. I do see a continuing urgent need to represent boaters in these times of limited funding and potential change to the way the waterways are managed. In the coming year I see a particular need to tackle the matters of mooring strategies, our association membership and boaters representation in the new waterways trusts.


Sue Burchett explained, "As a former Chairman who is happy with a lesser role. I believe I provide some continuity with the background and history of NABO. I cruise extensively and spend most of my time on my boat so am well placed to see at first hand the state of the system."


Simon Robbins stated that although he continues to be frustrated by BW he hoped after many years on Council that this will be the year that boaters views are heard and acted upon at last!


Current Secretary, Richard Carpenter also indicated that he was happy to continue with his role if the rest of the team was happy but for what will be a third year he is concerned that new help will be needed.


The other specilaist members of Council all seem to have indicated that they would continue to carry out the present roles.


The AGM this year will be hopefully as interesting as last – anyone who has not attended are urged to do so and Council promises its not typical procedure but a good social occasion to meet and put points of view. This one, our 19th, will possibly more significant than any other given the new Waterways structures to be negotiated and hearing BW's plans direct from our guest, Simon Salem at this time should prove very interesting.