Winter moorings 21-21

This year, CRT’s winter moorings are divided into eight price bands that reflect each site’s relative attractiveness (location and nearby facilities), level of demand and pricing in line with long-term moorings and private mooring operators. The order has been reversed with Band 1 being the lowest priced and Band 8 the highest. Compared to last year, 64 sites have dropped a price band or have a price freeze and 42 sites have a price rise. Moorings will be available from 1st November to 28th February 2022. You can browse the available sites on the boat licensing website. Permits will be charged at a ‘per metre, per month’ rate, and you can book moorings in increments of one month. A list of sites and prices is at Bookings start on 1st October at 6am on a first-come, first-served basis. For further information, call CRT customer services on 0303 040 4040 or email