Windermere boaters die of suspected carbon monoxide fumes

There is tragic news in the national press about the death of two people from suspected CO poisoning on a boat on lake Windermere.

CO Safety on Boats“Each year boaters die or are made seriously ill from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning – Boats are built to keep water out, but this also makes them good containers for gases and fumes.”

When carbon-based, appliance and engine fuels, such as gas, LPG, coal, wood, paraffin, oil, petrol and diesel don’t burn completely, CO is produced

CO build-up in the cabin can occur with one or a mix of these factors:

  • with faulty, badly maintained or misused appliances
  • exhaust fumes from a boat’s engine or generator
  • escaped flue gases from solid fuel stoves
  • blocked ventilation or short supply of air – fuels need the right amount of oxygen to burn safely

10 tips to keep you alive!

  1. Install fuel burning appliances properly
  2. Maintain appliances and engines routinely
  3. Use the equipment correctly
  4. Don’t allow engine fumes into the cabin space
  5. Deal with problems immediately
  6. Don’t allow bodged repairs and maintenance
  7. Install a CO alarm
  8. Test the alarm routinely
  9. Never remove the batteries
  10. Know the signs of CO poisoning and how to react.

For more detail read the information go the BSS web site and read here.