Visitor mooring plans in BW SE area

Over the last year, BW have carried out a review of all the visitor moorings across the South East.

This review has included collating and circulating comments, three workshops and a number of specific site visits where BW have worked with local stakeholders to seek the best options for improving the visitor mooring experience at key destinations. NABO representatives attended the discussions.

Resulting from this is a list of Priority Sites where BW plan to make changes/improvements over the next 12 months. This list is split into two phases and will include changes to stay times and to signage. In addition, BW plan to introduce a new volunteer monitoring process at each of the Phase 1 sites, including the introduction of Extended Stay Charges.

The details of the Priority Sites were made available at the recent User Group Meetings in Barby and Tring.

files/Visitor Moorings Priority Sites – Spring User Group Handout.pdf

BW are asking for comments to the usual e mail address: