Toddbrook Reservoir update

In January, CRT started work to enhance the resilience of the dam wall and spillway. This will be followed later in the year by improvements to the Todd Brook inlet channel at the head of the reservoir to provide more control over how much water flows into the reservoir, or around it via a bypass channel into the River Goyt. A new footbridge will be built across the brook to create a safe route for people to walk from one side of the valley to the other. To ensure that the dam is secure in any extreme weather events, a temporary wall will be built along the spillway crest, raising it by one metre, and concrete barriers will be installed on the spillway slope to channel any overflowing water into the central undamaged section. These will remain in place until permanent reconstruction of the dam is undertaken. The Trust has commissioned an independent inquiry into what caused the damage to the dam’s auxiliary spillway. It is also assisting with an independent review commissioned by the Government. Both reports are due to be published early in 2020 and will guide the long-term repair of the dam, which is likely to take several years and cost around £10 million. (see