Boaters without a Home Mooring: How far is far enough?

CRT have just released the following statement: Following our recent communication, a number of boaters have asked for clarification of the legal requirement to cruise throughout the period of their licence and, in particular, what is the minimum distance that should be covered in order to comply with the Trust’s Guidance for Boaters without a […]

The continuing continuous cruising enforcement saga

CRT announced today that it will be taking action on the substantial number of boaters whose licences have been granted under the condition that, as they don’t have a home mooring, they will continuously cruise and are therefore required to be “bona fide navigating” and also not to remain in any one “place” for more […]

Meeting between the National Boating Associations and CRT.

Posted below are the notes of a meeting held at Milton Keynes on 3 November between the National Boating Associations and CRT. It has taken a month to get these minutes out because there are some fundamental differences between the views of some of the associations. NABO agreed that these should be published on the […]

Continuous Cruisers

In a press release announcing 2009 Boat Licence Fees for England and Wales, Simon Salem, British Waterways’ marketing and customer services director, said, "We continue to support the view expressed by many boaters in the 2007 consultation that it is unfair that continuous cruisers do not make a contribution to the cost of maintaining the […]