Sutton Stop to Newbold on Avon

Wednesday 22nd September 2010

Weather – Fine and Sunny all day – and warm. Day 12.


The next two days will be relatively easy – today no locks and eleven miles to get to Newbold on Severn very near to Rugby. As usual

our intrepid kayakers were in “The Boat” long before the actual ones arrived – again due to the slow down for moored boats but as the weather was so good everyone sort of chilled for the rest of the afternoon and Jane cooked on the boat for us all.

So 11 miles steady with a pleasant lot of countryside although a lot of the journey runs alongside the main Glasgow to London line with regular swiftly moving trains from the Branson stable.

We went through a place called Stretton Stop which is a hire boat base for Rose Narrowboats which is where Gail and I hired several times. I learned while there that “Cameo” that we had out a couple of times was still on the fleet and had been refurbed. It was on a Rose boat that I really got the canal bug.

So more than halfway and no one has waned, all still get on AND Jane has still failed to master a Sat Nav that was designed in 1900 it seems!


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