NABO Subscriptions

I am writing asking for your help. As you know we have increased the subscriptions from 1st April.

The renewals since then have not all been going well, with many payments made at the old rate, despite the renewal reminders.

This is a serious situation for the Association as we now have the additional work of chase up the revised payments.

The revised rates are £25 for full membership, £5 for additional family members, £20 for associate members.

When renewal is due, a reminder will be sent a few weeks before. Please take action and respond to this to make sure that renewals are trouble free for us all. If you have a standing order then it will need to be revised, or changed. A form can be obtained on request. When you have done this please do let Melanie know how you have updated the standing order so that her records are up to date. If you do set up a new standing order please use your membership number as a reference so that payments can be identified from the bank statements.

In addition, if you are using the NABO Santander account, please take the opportunity to change to the NABO Barclays account. Santander are very unfriendly in their documentation, making it hard to identify payments. We would very much like to stop dealing with them in the near future.

If you joined or paid through PayPal and set up recurring payments, these will also require amendment.

If you do not know when your renewal is due, you can find out by logging in on the web site and looking at the information there. Melanie is in process of adding this information, working on the soonest first. Please do take the time to put in any updates to the personal details whilst you are logged in.

Thank you for your help. If you need further guidance, please ask.

NABO Web Master