Stay safe

Editor, Peter Fellows, has a wide range of news in these uncertain times.

Unsurprisingly, Covid-19 is foremost in most people’s minds and this is reflected in this issue. Mike Rodd has been attending EA and Thames User Group meetings on behalf of NABO. This is in addition to his many other jobs as Chair (such as responding to the Bridgewater tidal barrier consultation) and reporting as the Regional Rep for Wales and the South-West, both included in this issue. If one or more members in the general Thames catchment area would be willing to share the workload, it would greatly help Mike.

Treasurer, Helen Hutt was elected to CRT’s Council and another boating rep, Dave Mendes de Costa has sent NABO News a report on their first meeting with CRT’s National Boating Manager. Elsewhere, David Fletcher considers what might happen to red diesel, following an announcement in last month’s budget. He also reviews the recently published reports on the Toddbrook Reservoir near-disaster. Ken Hylins reflects on his first couple of years on NABO Council, with a plea for more involvement in council work by members. Mark Tizard gives CRT a pat on the back for dealing with all the damage and fallen trees, caused by this winter’s storms and floods. And finally, Tony Brooks casts a balanced eye over the suitability of lithium batteries in Techie’s Corner.

With the uncertainty around the effects of Coronavirus, boating could reasonably be said to be one of the safer places to be, so enjoy the better weather and keep well.