So it’s goodbye from me and …..

After 12 years Peter Fellows hands on the baton of editorship.

Another varied set of articles to end the year, with Helen Hutt describing her trip to the Medway on the 75-year old paddle steamer, Waverley, and my article on the unbelievable attitude of a local council towards restoration of the historic stable block at Pelsall in the West Midlands. I’ve also included details of NABO Council, including new members, Alan Douglas and John Sadler – welcome to both – together with Fly on the Wall’s view of Council meetings in October and November. Mike Rodd addressed the AGM to give a summary of the highs and lows of 2022: the highs being the active work by council members in many different ways to improve the lives and welfare of boaters; the lows being the lack of consultation by navigation authorities, especially the EA over changes to the Thames’ management, which he details in correspondence with the Agency. Ken Hylins also reports on work he is doing with boaters who are disadvantaged by age, infirmity or ill-health, to help them in the face of navigation authority obduracy. Paul Monahan struggles with the figures in CRT’s Annual Report and, as an accomplished poet, he has also written a timely Christmas ‘Carol for the Trust’ and a paean to NABO – ‘For those in Peril on the Cut’ – both are most welcome!