Red diesel to remain on the inland waterways.

At the budget in March, the Chancellor of the Exchequer agreed that boaters can continue to use red diesel with the customary declarations on tax split. You may recall that the Treasury held a consultation at the end of 2020, and NABO responded as we reported in the October NN. We are delighted that the Treasury have listened to us. NABO has been campaigning on this for more than 20 years! This sets aside, once and for all, the European Court judgement that was threatening us for many years. There will be other changes to the red diesel market as proposed last year. In 2022, the construction industry and mobile refrigeration will change over to white diesel, and this may impact on some of our suppliers. This is because of the change in volumes of the diesel supplies. We shall have to see how this works out. Overall this is excellent news and a very pleasing moment for the stalwarts. We have a bit of cheer for once.